Übersetzt ins Englische von Astrid.
On this side we would like to explain on english, what you can find on our website (in german...)
HTB62 is a significant water-polo club in Hamburg. We have three teams (a mens', a mixed and a masters team) who play in the water-polo leagues of our city.
Nearly all of our players are children or young folk. We have four youth teams (U12, U14 and U17) who train on a weekly basis and play in tournaments and in the Hamburg water-polo championships.
Prince Willliam
We often have away-matches within Germany or in Denmark, but we would very much like to establish new contacts to English speaking water-polo teams.

Here is some information about our site:

Information about V.I.P.s, our players, results of matches and other news about the teams.

Termine - dates:
Here you can find all the dates and activities of HTB62 water polo and a timetable with our training schedule.

Berichte -reports:
Read all about happenings and games of our teams, find information about past events.

All about "Kiwi-Cup", our big yearly tournament for youth and adult teams. You can also download your invitation for the Cup here.

Wasserball - water polo:
Here you can find the most important water polo rules, tips for writing an gamereport and interesting facts about the history of water polo.

MiniWasserball - mini polo:
HTB62 has a lot of activities in childrens water polo. The idea of "mini-polo!" is coming from the UK, and Hamburg has got it´s own division for players under a age of 10 years. On this page you can find reports and rules about it.

Dialog - dialogue
Here is our guestbook and a messageboard.

Download, Links, Kontakt and Netzaktiv
... this explains itself. Netzaktiv means something like a family-, download- and sitemap-corner.

If you have further questions don´t hesitate and email to wasserball@htb62.de.